Typical food from Ischia

From the peasant table to the gourmet cuisine, the triumph of the authentic tastes of fertile land and rich sea, real taste’s treasures!   The rural culture is confirmed by the cultivation of many kind of vegetables, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, courgettes, artichokes and garden rockets.  The legume are very good: lentils,chicklings, beens (they have curious and unusual varieties called “pipers” –purple red colored- and “fascists”-with black nuances-) .  The vulcanic soil favours the growh of tomatoes. They are picked up in clusters and twisted to create the typical “pendoli”kept in dry and fresh place.

It is not possible to talk about Campania’s gastronomy without mentioning the pizza.
This palate’s delight was born in Naples, in honour of Queen Margaret. From simple baked product it became a fanciful, rich, surprising and always appreciated food.

It is not possible to know if it is because of that mountain that climbs towards the sky giving the idea of an island-not-island, or because of the misture of land and sea that Ischia has kept that primitive and wild feeling that now meets modernity . For all this reasons this island is a priceless place, especially for the taste. It is an land island.
Staring from the rabbit, always cooked in terracotta baking-pan with a clove of garlic, wine, little tomatoes, lard and local spices: poor ingredients for an old and very savoury dish.

Indivisible from the ischitanian rabbit is this very savoury main course that is served with the very simple but very rich rabbit sauce

In latest years the pit rabbit became like a totem for the island. The rabbit is bred after the old manner. It lives its natural state: wild, in woods and mountains, and grows up (as for many centuries) in pits and only feeds with wild grass.

They are picked along the dry walls (parracine) and in woods. They are cooked in the traditional way with wild grass, especially in the internal par of the island.

Appetizer or main course(if served with mozzarella cheese), the caponata directly originates from the typical “insalata cafona” (peasant salad). The peasant used to eat it for lunch, in the countryside, during the working time. Nowadays there are many recipes, the oldest one combines little tomatoes, onion, stale bread or “freselle”, salad and wild grass.

Fish in Ischia does not betray.
There are many ways to buy it fresh, directly in fish-shops or at the “paranza”(trawler) when fishermen come back from the sea after the beating.
Typical of the island are macaroni with sea food, linguine with sea-urchins and different species of local fish served in many ways: marinated, cooked in the oven, with spaghetti. The paranza fry is very famous: a lot of fried little fish of different species depending on what fishermen found. Usually they bring basses white breams, giltheads, little tuna, crayfish, calamari, squids and langoustes that enrich the menu of restaurants and agritourisms.
Some passionately fond , produce honey made from bees, citrus fruits or flowers.
The local honey has a consistence and a taste very different from the others.

There is a town between Barano and Serrara Fontana called BUONOPANE (good bread). Here they have been making bread for centuries. Cooked only in wood ovens it is kneaded with the “crisc’to” a natural yeast of acid mother paste. The bread is still kneaded by hand, and its smell in the morning is stirring.

All over the island there are ovens making bread.
Milk and selected cheeses are provided by the breeding of sheeps and goats and savoury sausages are obtained from pigs.

Source: ischia-guide

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