The Port of Naples. how to reach Ischia

The Port of Naples is also the main port for the millions of passengers that transit through the port every year in order to reach the nearby islands and locations in the Gulf of Naples, Salerno and the islands of Ponza. Molo Benverello (the Quay) is in front of Maschio Angioino which is in the middle of Piazza Municipio and is the area for embarkations for hydrofoils that go to some of the most breathtaking tourist attractions in the world. That is why approximately 9 million passengers transit through Molo Beverello and Mergellina every year.

The Port Authority has separated the faster craft traffic (hydrofoils) from the ferries in order to guarantee an improved level of organisation and higher security standards on land and at sea.

From the 4th of February 2008, the ferries will be moved to Calata Porta Massa while the hydrofoils will stay at Beverello.
Calata Porta Massa is a brief walk from via Marina and the bus stops.

A shuttle service to and from piazzale Angioino (piazza Municipio) will connect the two quays from 6 a.m. to 12.00 midnight.

At Porta Massa a new, comfortable Maritime Station with ticket offices, waiting room, bar and services for the passengers directed to the islands of the Gulf of Naples.

The Port Authority has created a new internal route in the port and a new system for directing the flow of traffic.

At Beverello from the 4th of February, access will only be allowed for those on foot. A Calata Porta Massa pedestrian access is from the Immacolatella Vecchia entrance and the Pisacane entrance. For vehicles, Pisacane entrance or from Bausan entrance (with a booking).

On Beverello Quay, the Port Authority has set up a plan which will improve space organisation with new services and platforms. The Beverello area is part of the Project for the transformation of the port waterfront, a project for which the international tender by the public holding company Nausicaa s.p.a has been published, a company set up by the Region Campania, the Comune di Napoli and the Port Authority, with the entire monumental area of the Port and the city.(Molosoglio – Immacolatella)

Many companies will ensure the transfer of services from Beverello, from Mergellina and from Calata Porta Massa.

From Beverello:

Caremar (tel 081/5513882)
Alilauro (081/5513236-5071345)
N.L.G (081/5520763)
Linee Marittime Partenopee (tel 081/8073024)
SNAV (081/4285555)
Ustica Lines 081/5800340
From Mergellina:

Alilauro (081/7611004)
Snav (081/4285555)
Linee Marittime Salernitane
Ustica Lines (0841/5800340)
From Calata Porta Massa:

MEDMAR (081/5513352)
Caremar (tel 081/5513882)
N.L.G (081/5520763)

Source: Isle of Ischia Travel Guide

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